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  • Third Party Administration (TPA)
    • Access to PPO Networks
    • Adjudicate Claims
    • Issue Checks
    • Provide Reports
  • Utilization Review
    • Prior Authorization
    • Inpatient Concurrent Reviews
    • Trend Identification
    • Discharge Planning

    CorrectCare - Integrated Health
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    The mission of CorrectCare - Integrated Health is to provide healthcare management and operational processes to improve overall quality of care in a cost effective, quantitative manner.

    Our History:

    CorrectCare - Integrated Health (CCIH) was formed in September, 1996 by two individuals interested in leveraging management and utilization review to provide high quality, cost efficient healthcare for the correctional industry. With over twenty years of benefit design in the private sector, our company chairman identified the need for this same type of oversight and cost control within the correctional marketplace. The continuing goal of our company is to focus on medical management for correctional institutions.

    Our Experience:

    Since 2003, our company has provided utilization management, network access, and claims processing services solely within the correctional environment. Our company has experience with providing utilization management and claims management for small local facilities, and entire state department of corrections. Our experience also includes working hand-in-hand with state correctional personnel to provide necessary data for accreditations through the American Correctional Association (ACA).

    Our Difference:

    Our innovative approach to the needs of the correctional industry is a hybrid of public and private practices. Our services are grounded in nationally accepted guidelines combined with elements unique to the correctional industry, and are further tailored to the individual policies of each correctional client. Our management support and processes ensure that our clients have all the tools required to be good stewards of their ever-strained financial resources.