Caring for you the Correct way

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of CorrectCare - Integrated Health is to facilitate access to appropriate medical providers and to manage the claims payment process while minimizing costs within the correctional environment.

Our Experience

For over a decade, CorrectCare - Integrated Health has provided utilization management, network access, and claims processing services solely within the correctional environment. Our company has experience with providing utilization management and claims management for small local facilities  and entire state department of corrections. CCIH works hand-in-hand with state correctional personnel to provide necessary data for reducing their medical costs while increasing their quality of inmate care.

What Others Are Saying About Us

"Lassen County Sheriff’s Office partnered with CorrectCare for medical claims review, claims adjudication, and utilization review for offsite inmate health care.  CorrectCare has helped Lassen County dramatically reduce health care costs for hospitalizations, x-rays, and other lab work.  The utilization review process helps ensure inmates are getting appropriate treatment, but helps protect the county against unnecessary tests or observation periods.  After treatment, CorrectCare reviews medical claims to protect the county against billing inaccuracies.  Then CorrectCare routes the billing through “preferred provider” type networks to help reduce the overall price of the bills."

-John Mineau, Undersheriff
Lassen County California Sheriff’s Office